Fleet Assessment

Our training covers a range of advanced driving techniques. Mostly focusing on ensuring that drivers learn to drive defensively, remain focused and observant, plan ahead while driving and to be in tune with their vehicle.
We tailor each course to the individual company and work through the following key points:

  • To be able to identify potential accident ‘black spots’
  • To recognise the risk posed by other road users
  • Understand how risks change at different times of day
  • Be able to adjust the driving plan to suit weather conditions
  • Plan well ahead
  • Allow for others to make mistakes
  • Maintain your concentration
  • Adjust your driving plan to suit the conditions
  • To understand the factors involved in setting speed limits
  • To be able to arrive at hazards in the correct position and at the correct speed
  • to develop hazard perception skills
  • Be able to make observation links
  • To interpret information gathered via the sense