Below is a list of our price range, for the two different prices categories, automatic and manual transmission. In both cases the more lessons you buy at once the greater the saving.

In our experience and to ensure you get the best out of the time spent it the car we have found that you will learn better, faster and more in a TWO hour lesson. We are of course happy to accomodate you and your needs wherever possible.

Prior to commiting to lessons a 90 minute assessment is recommended. This enables the instructor to review driving ability, knowledge and skill level to establish the learners requirements.

Current Price List
Not doing Auto lessons at present
90 minute assessment£30.00£30.00
Pay as you learn£32.50 Per hour£32.50 Per hour
Block Booking 15 Lessons
£30.00 Per hour£30.00 Per hour
Block Booking 25 or more Lessons£28.00 Per hour£28.00 Per hour
Pass Plus Lessons£190.00£190.00
Motorway Lessons£35.00 Per Hour£35.00 Per Hour
Refresher Lessons£35.00 Per Hour£35.00 Hour